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Access eQuipt

This site provides access only to your brokerage account statements, confirmations, proxy statements and tax documents held at Royal Alliance Associates.

You can opt out of paper delivery of these items on this site

Access eQuipt
Access eMoney Advisor

This site allows for comprehensive financial planning, wealth management, and account aggregation.

If you are a first time user, you must contact our office so that we can send you an invitation to register.

Access eMoney
Access Vision 2020 ONEVIEW

Here you can access your brokerage accounts, as well as any accounts held directly with a product vendor such as a mutual fund company.

To access V2020 Oneview, contact our office first to get a temporary password to register. 

Access NETXinvestor

This is the Royal Alliance Associates legacy site for those who have not yet registered for the new eQuipt site.

Access NetXinvestor